Tanning Schedule for Friday, November 18, 2022

NPF Sandows, Columbus, OH 

You are scheduling your Friday afternoon/evening tan ONLY (Nov. 18, 2022) to be applied by Tan Medics, our OFFICIAL HOST TANNER. As part of your purchase you will receive your Saturday, pre-show application/touchup coats schedule AFTER your Friday application is completed. You will also receive complimentary gluing and glazing, as well as any emergency touch ups backstage prior to prejudging and finals - DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN TANNING PRODUCTS INTO THE VENUE . YOU ARE SUBJECT TO DISQUALIFICATION FROM THE SHOW IF YOU DO SO!  Choose the time below that you would like to schedule, check the "I'm not a robot" box, then click/tap SUBMIT button at the bottom of the corresponding column. When times get booked, the availability will be removed,..chances are if it is still there, it is still available. For everyone's privacy, please select from the appropriate gender column, ahem!

LADIES ONLY - Friday (Columbus 11/18/22)

MEN ONLY - Friday (Columbus 11/18/22)