Q & A

Q - Do you accept other natural org's pro's?

A - Yes, we do accept most recognized natural organizations pro's. Among those, but not limited to, that we accept is, ANBF, ICN, USBF, AAU

Q - Do I need an active pro membership card with my current organization(s) as proof?

A - No, you do not. We don't need to see a pro membership card from another org as proof. We are only interested in the fact that you turned pro in a legitimate, natural competition... even if it was 3 or 4 years ago. We will verify your registration in our pro division(s) by researching and confirming when and where you turned pro.

Q - If I'm already pro with another organization do I still need to purchase a pro membership with the NPF before I can compete?

A - Yes. Every competitor, both amateur and pro, must hold a current NPF membership prior to competing in an NPF sanctioned event.

Q - Where do I find details on an upcoming NPF event?

A - Details, such as show times, order of events, host hotel, how to contact our tanner, hair and makeup, photographer, etc., can be found under the EVENTS SCHEDULE tab by clicking EVENT DETAILS.

Q - Where do I find the specific rules and criteria for my division?

A - Under the GUIDELINES & RULES tab, click your corresponding division.

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